Giving My Child The Skills To Grow

Interesting Facts About Child Care Centres

by Albert Davidson

Conventional wisdom suggests that children should be with their parents until ready for kindergarten. However, you risk your child lagging behind their peers in various developmental areas if you take the route. Notably, child care centres help babies, toddlers, and preschoolers develop cognitive, language, and social skills. However, you must first choose a child care centres, which requires thorough research. If you don't know much about child care centres and how they are run, you are likely to make mistakes. This article highlights a few facts about child care centres.

Not All Centres Require Licencing — The first thing parents are advised to inquire about when looking for a child care centre is licencing. It is proof that a facility satisfies the conditions required by the government. Thus, parents are likely to shun any child care centre that does not have a licence. However, did you know that not all child care centres need to be licenced? For example, a centre operated by a full-fledged school does not require a licence because the institution is already approved. In this regard, parents should check with the local Child Care Referral Services to find out if a facility requires a licence.

Child Care Centres are Strict on Policies — Child care centres provide an essential service in the community to prepare kids for the future. However, you should also understand that child care centres are in business to make a profit. Therefore, well-run child care centres charge parents for flouting set agreements. For instance, if you agree with a facility to pick your child at 2 PM every weekday, you should stick to that. If you don't, the provider will charge you a fee for late pickup. You also risk being penalised if you fail to admit your kid on the agreed date because slots in most reputable child care centres have a long waiting list. Therefore, carefully read a child care centre's policies.

Child Care Centres are Inspected Regularly — Dealing with babies and toddlers is not an easy task, and many things can go wrong if someone sleeps on their job. Luckily, reputable and licenced child care centres have qualified personnel who understand the role of a caregiver. Thus, child care centres are still subject to regular inspections by government agencies. It means that every provider has an inspection report indicating their scores over the years. As a parent, you have the right to ask a child care centre for the report for assessment and decision making.

For more information, contact a child care centre near you.