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All You Need to Know about Family Child Care Services

by Albert Davidson

A family child care service goes by other names such as home daycare, in-home preschool or in-home daycare. Like all other child care facilities, they care, nurture and teach children yet to attain the school-going age. However, some family child care centres still take older children after school hours.

It is one of the best options for parents looking for a place to leave their kids as they go to work, the gym or shopping. Nevertheless, a good number of parents do not know about family daycare centres. This article will help you understand family child care services better.

How Does Family Daycare Work?

Usually, the caregivers provide these services in their homes. Usually, they have one or more assistants. The provider may or may not live in the same place where they offer the services, and the number of children in each centre depends on the regulations by the state. Typically, the number includes the provider's children of the same age as those in the centre. But unlike other child care options, family care centres handle small numbers.

As for licencing, it depends on your state's laws. So, the provider may or may not be licenced. For instance, there are places where you can operate without a licence if the children are fewer than the recommended number. In other states, the caregiver needs to be licensed regardless of the number of children enrolled in the program. Generally, a licensed daycare centre must follow specific health and safety measures to operate.

What Sets Family Daycare Apart From the Rest?

There is a good reason many parents prefer family daycare over other options. But perhaps the most common one is the close relationship between the child and the caregiver. That is made possible by the one-on-one attention given to the kids, and the small numbers enrolled. Below are more reasons to take your child to a family daycare:

  • Your child gets specialised care in a homely environment
  • You can leave your child on a holiday, weekend or overnight
  • Your child gets individualised learning programs since there are not many kids 
  • Your child gets to participate in activities tailored to their needs, such as singing, playing and story-telling
  • You child can connect to the community through outings to the local libraries and parks

Now that you are equipped with some basic knowledge about family child care centres, you can confidently leave your child in a facility near you. The facility will be beneficial to you and the little one.