Giving My Child The Skills To Grow

Understanding Your Options for Childcare

by Albert Davidson

Commercial day-care centres, such as those run through a church or community centre, are not the only option available to parents today when it comes to childcare; there are many options for having someone care for your children, some of which can be provided right in your own home! Note a few types of childcare that are often available to parents, so you can determine the best choice for you and for your child.

Mother's or father's helper

A mother's or father's helper is someone who cares for and entertains a child while a parent is still at home. This is a good solution for someone who is self-employed or who has physical concerns and require assistance during the day, even though they're still home with the child. A mother's or father's helper might also be able to assist with everyday household chores, such as light housekeeping and cooking.


Someone who cares for your child in your home while you're away every day would be considered a nanny. Hiring a nanny can be very beneficial for parents, as they don't need to bundle up their child and take him or her to a day-care facility or someone else's home. The child would also get individual attention in their own home with a nanny. This type of service can be somewhat expensive, but many nannies also offer flexible hours during which they work, which is good for parents who work a swing shift or other odd hours.

Family day-care

A family day-care is one that is located in someone's home, rather than an actual commercial facility. This can provide a comfortable environment for a child, especially one who is very shy and who may not like to be around dozens of other children. A family day-care may also be located closer to your own home, and may have more affordable rates than an actual childcare facility.

Early learning

An early learning centre, like Jenny's Kindergarten, would have a more structured setting than many other childcare facilities, as early learning includes instruction about basic concepts, such as number, shapes, colours and so on. This is different than a standard childcare facility that may not include any type of actual structured learning, and which may allow children to simply play, colour, read, or even watch television during the day. An early learning centre should have time for children to relax and expend some energy, and to interact with others, but this type of centre may be the best choice for preparing your child for future schooling.