Giving My Child The Skills To Grow

Benefits of Enrolling Your Child at a Childcare Center

by Albert Davidson

Most parents can attest that parenting is an exhilarating experience that creates fond memories. Unfortunately, minding those precious little ones can be daunting thus leaving parents overwhelmed and unable to focus on anything else. Childcare centres take away these pressures so that you can take a breather and focus on other important things like work or merely to re-energise. If this scenario resonates with you, here are four ways you stand to gain by enrolling your child at a childcare centre:

Regular schedule

First off, taking your kid to a childcare centre provides them with a program of activities which is useful for promoting structure in their lives. The childcare attendants have an array of activities such as storytelling, jumping hoops, playing house, etc. to keep your child busy until it's time to return home. These activities are not only great for intellectual growth and development but also bring fun and excitement to the child.

Stimulating environment

Childcare centres customise their play areas to suit the specific needs of children at different stages of growth. For example, older children have an art station where they can do colouring or tell their favourite stories. Toddlers, on the other hand, have plenty of crawling space and safe toys to keep them occupied. These environments stimulate the child to interact with the environment and other kids, solve problems, and build their confidence.

Transition to kindergarten

A study published in 2016 surmised that children who attend formal daycares have better math and reading skill than those who stayed at home. This helps them to transition easily to formal schooling. In the same breath, parents who enrol their kids in childcare are more eager to participate in their kid's academic life by joining the PTA or communicating with teachers. This strong bond between families and schools make the transition to structured schooling better, and it enhances the child's overall performance.

Grown-up friendships

Taking your child to daycare presents an opportunity to mingle with other parents and spark friendships. You get to bounce ideas off each other, feel comforted when things get rough and have a good time interacting with other people. If you find yourself moping around the home too often, childcare is an excellent space to commune with mothers in a similar situation which is a great stress reliever.  


Enrolling your child at a reputable childcare centre is beneficial to both mother and child. Your child is in the hands of well-qualified caregivers, and you gain some social capital from this community.