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Tips for New Babysitters on their First Day at Work

by Albert Davidson

Babysitting can be a strange experience for most people especially when doing it for the fist time. It is not for the faint-hearted because, let us face it, children can be a handful at times. If you are new to babysitting, you should be ready for anything. The most important thing, however, is that once you get the hang of it, babysitting can be extremely fulfiling. Most importantly, it teaches one to be responsible. That being said, some new babysitters take time to adapt to the new experience for one reason or another and end up making mistakes. If you are part of the anxious group, then this article offers tips on how you can comfortably get through your first babysitting gig. 

Be Flexible -- In most cases, parents avoid coming home late when they leave their kids with a new babysitter for a good reason. The babysitter-parent relationship is built on trust, and this is something that is cultivated over time between the two parties. However, you might find yourself in a situation whereby parents call to inform you that they will be late. While there is nothing wrong with letting them know that you had not prepared to stay for the night, it is vital to be flexible. The moment you take up a babysitting job, you must be ready for such instances. By being flexible, you allow yourself the opportunity to plan your day with uncertainties in mind. Additionally, clients appreciate a babysitter that is available whenever needed. 

Be Ingenious -- In the smartphones age, it is common to find kids glued to their tablets playing games throughout the day. Kids love to play and have fun; therefore, you need to engage them in different fun activities. Most importantly, you need to be resourceful from the onset since it will make kids feel comfortable around you. Use cardboard, paints, plastic mugs, strings, anything, to get the children enjoy their playtime. However, you first have to inquire from the parents about rules governing playtime. Remember that whatever game you chose, the children should feel like they own it to encourage participation. 

Communicate your Comfort Levels -- Failure to communicate openly is one mistake that most first-time babysitters make. Parents have certain expectations that they correspond to babysitters before being hired. As such, it is essential for a prospective babysitter to respond to the expectations. For instance, if you are not comfortable babysitting children aged seven years and above, then let parents know this to avoid future challenges.